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  • Top Girls - Pope Joan

    19:45, Tue 19th October 2021 - Sat 23rd October 2021 at ADC Theatre

    Marlene has just received a promotion at her job agency and she’s on top of the world. To celebrate, she hosts a dinner party for all her most interesting female friends. The strange part? Her guests…

  • The Nature of a Curve - Co-Director

    21:30, Tue 2nd November 2021 - Sat 6th November 2021 at Corpus Playroom

    The Nature of a Curve is a brand new play exploring the fractious and often ignored world of Welsh politics.

    It’s election night in Wales, and Vicky Evans MS is seeking re-election to the Senedd. She…

  • CUADC/Footlights Pantomime 2021: Rapunzel - Writer

    19:45, Wed 24th November 2021 - Sat 4th December 2021 at ADC Theatre

    Welcome to Rapunzel! In a land where art has been banned and all the Dames have been banished, can this kingdom be brought back to life?

    In a dastardly plan to keep them away from his crown, the evil…

  • Comic Sans: Return of the Serif - Assistant Director

    23:00, Thu 25th November 2021 - Sun 28th November 2021 at ADC Theatre

    Had a rough year? We know how to cure those blues - no cis men, no script, no worries! Comic Sans is BACK, and this time, we’re handing the mic to all underrepresented genders! So get out of those jogge…


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