Anna McDonald


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  • Prometheus ReBound - Company

    19:00, Thu 4th March 2021 - Sat 6th March 2021 at To be Confirmed

    Drag me, wanderer, down town quickly for Capital’s light show

    The Marlowe Society is excited to present John Kinsella’s new verse play. Prometheus ReBound reimagines the story of Prometheus as a “non-vi…

  • A Blown Job - Julianna Robinson

    20:00, Thu 4th March 2021 at ADC Online

    Disgraced bank manager, Georgia Clooney, assembles a team of bank robbers to get revenge on his partner who framed her and cost her her job, the nefarious Police Chief Garfunkel. Georgia’s quest to best…

  • The Balloonist Masterplan: Forgotten Lives - Citizen

    20:00, Tue 23rd March 2021 at ADC Online

    “The Gulf is not a prison. It is salvation!”

    In a forgotten reality a little to the left, hangs a planet of lost souls: The Gulf. For thirty years, Leila Varok has worked tirelessly as its Governor,…


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