The Tell-Tale Heart

12:00, Sun 19th January 2020 - Thu 19th March 2020 at To be confirmed
Lent Week 1 to Week 9

THE TELL-TALE HEART is a short Cambridge student film in the pipeline. Adapted from Edgar Allen Poe’s 1843 short Gothic horror story of the same name and directed by Thomas Thorogood and Iulia Teodorescu, this film aims to be scary and darkly comedic.

We aim to achieve all the special effects on set. This might incorporate things like stop motion animation, experimental lighting, you name it. Let’s push the boundaries! Shooting will take place throughout Lent term.

The film will be submitted to international film festivals. Many cater specifically for indie horror shorts.


Production Team

Director -
Assistant Director -
Producer -
Writer -
Director of Photography -
Production Designer -
Cuckoo Clock Construction and Operation -
Colourist -
Sound Recordist, Editor and Composer -