The Balloonist Masterplan: Forgotten Lives
    By Jonathan Powell

    20:00, Tue 23rd March 2021 at ADC Online
    Lent Week 9

    “The Gulf is not a prison. It is salvation!”

    In a forgotten reality a little to the left, hangs a planet of lost souls: The Gulf. For thirty years, Leila Varok has worked tirelessly as its Governor, turning the dregs of the Earth into an ever-expanding community of happy, healthy people.

    Except that’s not how it seems to Kell, ripped from his memory and thrown in a cell. To him, it seems very much like a prison. Emotionless guards prowl the corridors, robots routinely experiment on the citizens, and something sinister is happening to the dying.

    And deep in the bowels of The Gulf, a prisoner is writing on the wall. A prisoner who has been there a very long time. A prisoner with a bowler hat, a paintbrush, and a plan. A prisoner who, once upon a time, owned a rather fabulous balloon... And today he is going to escape.

    This spiritual successor to The Man in the Air Balloon begins a journey that will span worlds, universes, and perhaps the odd painting for good measure.

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