Survival Strategies @ Fringe
    By Katie Duggan and Georgia Rawlins

    14:00, Fri 7th – Mon 31st August 2020 at Underbelly Friesian, Bristo Sq.
    Summer Vacation

    Edinburgh Fringe 2020

    There are a million ways we could die at any given moment—the guy next door could turn out to be a serial killer, or the water supply could be tainted with e. coli. Not to mention threats of nuclear war and the impending doom of climate disaster that could wipe out humankind at any second. But either we can live in constant fear -- or we can laugh at the absurdity of it all.

    This musical comedy centers on the experience of a ragtag support group who call themselves “Survivors Non-Anonymous,” joining together to share their varied stories of survival. But when the bunker they’re meeting in suddenly goes on lockdown, trapping them inside with no resources and leaving them with no idea of the cause of the lockdown, the group members are left to combine their talents and do what they do best: survive.

    From the sell-out writing team behind What's Wrong With Me? and Life With You comes a wacky new musical comedy about survival, friendship, and the importance of the Heimlich maneuver.



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