Gregory Miller


Gregory Miller is preparing for

  • Slaughterhouse BLUES - Writer/Performer, Lead Writer

    23:00, Tue 25th January 2022 at ADC Theatre

    A sketch show which will be dark and satirical in bent, concerning itself with FOOD! How do we consume it? Market it? How do we perceive/judge others who eat/don't eat certain foods? Gets to the heart…

  • Equus - Dysart

    19:45, Tue 15th February 2022 - Sat 19th February 2022 at ADC Theatre

    When a deranged boy, Alan Strang, blinds six horses with a metal spike he is sentenced to psychiatric treatment. Dr Dysart is the man given the task of uncovering what happened the night Strang committe…

  • (Re)Present Monologue Night - Associate Director

    23:00, Tue 22nd February 2022 at ADC Theatre

    Have you ever wondered what a silent character might be thinking? One that is denied a voice, or pushed so strongly to fit a designed role that they lose most of their individuality? The new and excitin…

  • Medea the Musical @ Town and Gown - Aegeus

    19:30, Mon 7th March 2022 - Thu 10th March 2022 at Town and Gown

    “There are monsters underneath the bed and one holding you while you sleep…”

    A rock concert in a courtroom…and you are the jury. With four flawed characters and some unreliable testimonies, whose side…


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