William Shakespeare's A Christmas Carol
    By Ian Doescher

    19:30, Wed 20th November 2019 - Fri 22nd November 2019 at Howard Theatre, Downing College
    Michaelmas Week 6

    Humbug, forsooth!

    Dickens' classic tale of redemption with a Shakespearian twist! Scrooge is a wealthy theatre owner with a stingy heart until he’s visited by his old partner Christopher Marlowe. The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future become Puck, Sir John Falstaff and the ghost of King Hamlet. The cast is weaved with familiar characters from the Bard's canon and it's all in iambic pentameter!

    All the world's a stage, and Scrooge will learn to play nice.


    Scrooge -
    Sir John Falstaff, Witch 3 -
    Benedick Cratchit, Romeo -
    Ferdinand, Gravedigger 1, Boy Scrooge -
    Christopher Marlowe, Chorus -
    Puck, Martha -
    Beatrice Cratchit, Juliet, Rosencrantz -
    Miranda, Fran, Tiny Tim -
    Paris, Witch 1, Guilderstern -
    Prospero, Witch 2, Nym -
    Peter/Belinda, Gravedigger 2 -
    Mercutio, Ghost of King Hamlet, Nym -

    Production Team

    Technical Assistant -
    Photographer -
    Backstage hands -
    Assistant Director - ,
    Producer & Director -
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