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  • Secret Murder: A Live Read Through - Jason Garcia-Piles

    19:00, Sat 30th May 2020 at ADC Theatre Online

    Having been renewed for its 18th season, join us for a live read through of the first episode of the new season of Secret Murder. After faking his own death to give a group of hunky Priests the slip,…

  • Lifestream - Poet

    14:00, Mon 8th June 2020 at ADC Online
    14:00, Wed 10th June 2020 at ADC Online
    14:00, Fri 12th June 2020 at ADC Online

    From cooking classes to a blog by your mysterious neighbour on how to be an expert karate coach, you may be feeling bombarded with ideas on how to spend this time indoors productively, as you sit for…

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