Secret Murder: A Live Read Through

    19:00, Sat 30th May 2020 at ADC Theatre Online
    Easter Week 5

    Having been renewed for its 18th season, join us for a live read through of the first episode of the new season of Secret Murder. After faking his own death to give a group of hunky Priests the slip, Detective Inspector Agent Malone Murder-Detective is back and ready to solve murders more secret than ever before. It’ll be a great chance to see behind the scenes of your favourite show and ask some of your favourite actors some of your favourite questions.


    Jimmy Singh
    Matty Diablo
    Adonis Rickety-Flick
    Jason Garcia-Piles
    Rebecca Back
    Alexandra Mansfield
    Elron Hubert
    Scott Turnpike
    Ruby Anderson
    Terrence Appleby


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