Take Me Out: Rag Fundraiser
    By Molly Ghinn and Francesca Mann

    19:30, Tue 15th September 2020 at Facebook Live
    Summer Vacation

    You've definitely heard of RAG Blind Dates, and you’ve probably heard of that ITV dating show - you know the one presented by that cringey northern bloke? So we’re delighted to present to you Take Me Out: Rag Fundraiser.

    Although Rag Blind Dates are usually romantic in-person encounters, we're switching things up and moving from Savino's to Zoom, facilitating the new style of dating in a world where third base now means blowing a kiss at each other from 2 metres away. Hosted by the one and only Jimbo McManus, 4 contestants brave the virtual judgement of 8 audience members, featuring personalities more exuberant than the one's you find in the smoking area of Fez at 3am on a Tuesday night. Remember - "No likey, no mic-y"!

    RAG's Take Me Out was written to support fundraising efforts of Cambridge Rag, it is not affiliated with Rag Blind Date.


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