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    A Dream Play
    By August Strindberg

    18:00, Sun 21st June 2020 - Sun 12th July 2020 at Youtube
    Summer Vacation

    Agnes is the daughter of Heaven. Determined to understand the nature of humankind she comes to earth. She meets characters from all walks of life in her quest to get to the bottom of her ultimate question – why do they all seem so unhappy? As she wanders through her dreamlike world from setting to setting, time to time, she continues to have the world stream past her like a half-remembered story. Pained by human life and persecuted by the people she came to understand, she takes the mantle of the world upon herself and sacrifices herself for the sake of humanity.

    Strindberg’s Dream Play is one of the most original works in the playwright’s long and varied career, and one of the stand-out explorations of surrealism on stage. It deals with big themes in a unique way, and offers drama, heart and more than a little existential wonderment. Join us as we present this unique and neglected drama in a custom adaptation as an audio play, serialised and released in 10 episodes at the end of term while we’re all stuck indoors.