Lacuna Ridge
    By Anna Trowby

    19:00, Wed 3rd June 2020 - Thu 4th June 2020 at Cam FM, ADC Theatre Youtube
    Easter Week 6

    Meet X: a normal girl who finds herself transported to the middle of nowhere. She's lost her body, her sight and all of her sensory apparatus apart from her voice. She doesn't know where she is. She can't figure out why she hasn't got a body. And she's forgotten who she is. X has just landed in a place that will turn her world upside down.
    To return back home, X must travel to five different places and collect the pieces of her name she has yet to remember. But the journey won't be easy. X must walk across the perilous Samsaran Desert, avoid the Bodhi Guards in Skhandres City, and make the risky crossing over the treacherous Lacuna Ridge. Find out how X navigates this strange new world where rice balls can be toxic, silence can be mayhem and men can proclaim themselves to be both Buddha and Christ. 'Lacuna Ridge', a new show brought to you by Anna Trowby, explores the religious terrain of an increasingly secular and technological world, and challenges its audience to think beyond the parameters of the realm we live in. Join X on her journey, if you dare.


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