Tell A Friend
By Claudia Vyvyan

00:00, Fri 19th – Sun 28th November 2021 at Various Locations
Michaelmas Week 6 to Week 8

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Sexual assault, disassociation, trauma

Tell A Friend is a short film, inspired by the original play Permanent Marker also written by Claudia Vyvyan. The film examines the relational identity of victim and perpetrator, survivor and accomplice surrounding conversations about sexual assault. It is both art and documentary. The whole project focusses on the characters people play when topics of sexual assault are discussed - whether this be the ‘good guy’ who gets things wrong, the sympathetic, the questioning, the accomplice, the perpetrator, or the softboi. Combining moments of tongue-in-cheek familiarity with moments of emotional intensity, Tell A Friend is our confrontation to the way sexual assault is generally discussed - with the man in mind.


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