The Winter's Tale
By William Shakespeare

19:45, Tue 22nd February 2022 - Sat 26th February 2022 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 5

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Abusive relationship
Mental illness

Leontes, the crazed ringmaster, succumbs to a deluded idea that his wife, Hermione is having an affair. Their infant daughter is banished to the land of Bohemia where she is adopted by a Shepherd and his son a clown. In this vibrant and dangerous world, we see an exploration of new and exciting experiences through curious movement within the world of the circus.

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Leontes -
Hermione -
Paulina -
Autolycus/ Time -
Camillo -
Perdita -
Florizel -
Polixenes -
Antigonus -
Lord/ Jailer -
Archidamus/ Servant -
Emilia/ Mopsa -
Lady Helen/ Dorcas -
Old Shepherd -

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