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Footlights Presents: Sorry Sorry Sorry Very Sorry – Writer/Performer

23:00, Wed 1st – Sat 4th February 2023 at ADC Theatre

Thank you for taking the time to apply for this role that you so clearly wanted. Unfortunately, this time we are not going to be able to..."

Experiencing a bit of dejavu? Reluctant recognition?
Want to cry?

Can we interest you in laughing instead?

More specifically- want to laugh for a full hour, at the ADC Theatre, Park Street, Cambridge, CB5 8AS?

For here it is- a sketch show about REJECTION!
What you have lost in your hopes, dreams, wants, desires, potential lovers, life-long aspirations and ambitions, you will GAIN in giggles!
Yes, a completely reasonable trade off...

STOP feeling ‘Sorry sorry sorry very sorry’ for yourself and come and see ‘Sorry sorry sorry very Sorry’ for yourself!


Maia von Malaisé is preparing for

  • Footlights Spring Revue 2023 – Assistant Director

    19:45, Tue 21st – Sat 25th February 2023 at ADC Theatre

    Spring Revue is the Footlights' annual showcase featuring its graduating members performing a mix of newly-written material and the best of their previous sketches.

  • An Intervention – Director

    19:00, Tue 7th – Sat 11th March 2023 at Pembroke New Cellars

    A and B have been close friends, for a while. A is sharp, witty and unafraid to be vulnerable; especially when they drink too much. B is more traditional, straight, and is quick to tell A when the point…


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