I was in the house and I was waiting for the rain to come
    By Jean-Luc Lagarce

    19:00, Tue 31st October – Sat 4th November 2023 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 4

    “I was looking at the road and I was thinking, as I often think, in the evening, when I am on the doorstep and I am waiting for the rain to come, I was thinking of the years we had lived there, all those years like this, us, you and me, the five of us…”

    In this original English translation of Jean-Luc Lagarce’s 1994 play, five women await the return of the prodigal son, ‘the little brother’, who left many years ago. Suddenly, he is back and sleeping in his childhood bedroom, exhausted from his travels. But has he really arrived? And why did he leave? Now, waiting for him to wake up, the five women whisper their own story. In a time suspended between two periods of waiting, the homecoming and the awakening, this lyrical tale of split memory narrates the realities and fantasies of a family in mourning.


    The Eldest
    The Mother
    The Old One
    The Middle One
    The Youngest

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