An Intervention
    By Mike Bartlett

    19:00, Tue 7th – Sat 11th March 2023 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 7

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    Mental Illness
    Physical Violence

    A and B have been close friends, for a while. A is sharp, witty and unafraid to be vulnerable; especially when they drink too much. B is more traditional, straight, and is quick to tell A when the point of 'too much' has been reached. They bounce off each other and push each other; neither are afraid of an argument. However, when military intervention in another country provokes them to severe disagreement, the closeness of their friendship is brought into question. B has a new girlfriend, A disapproves. B suggests A gets help for what might be a drinking problem. The volume is dialed up when a protest forms against the military intervention and A and B come to a head. Neither will back down, and both are at a tipping point, will either of them step in?


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