Medea the Musical (cancelled)
    By Hayley Canham

    20:00, Mon 16th August 2021 - Sun 29th August 2021 at Paradise Green - Edinburgh Fringe
    Summer Vacation

    A 2500 year-old play re-imagined as a rock concert in a court-room and transformed into a contemporary musical, telling the story of the scheming Aegeus, catty Glauce, needy Jason and enigmatic Medea.
    The show follows a family torn apart by passion, betrayal and murderous retribution.
    In a showcase trial, there is one key question to be answered: is Medea a desperate woman driven to madness, a pawn in the hands of a manipulative mentor or a psychopath hell-bent on revenge? In the role of judge and jury, it is the audience who will decide….orchestrated by a 4th wall-breaking narrator.

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