Beckett after Dark
    By Samuel Beckett

    21:30, Tue 23rd May 2023 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 4

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    Mentions of childbirth
    Flashing images

    A chilling trio of Short Plays, ‘Beckett after dark’ interprets the absurdist playwright into an obscuring darkness where small lights of resistance spring. In a pitch black stage, accompanied by a characterful, live band, the night will bring forth the voices of those hidden by tyrants of life, loyalty, and love. ‘Play,’ ‘Not I,’ and ‘Words and Music,’ are some of the most compelling stories that the playwright has to offer, and the cruel darkness of the theatre will let them shine. While preserving the ways of the texts, these new interpretations will present a welcoming introduction to curious newcomers and intriguing twists for seasoned audiences.

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