The Understudy
    By Anna Trowby

    19:45, Sat 7th November 2020 at ADC online
    Michaelmas Week 4

    Delilah Samson, once a world-renowned actress beloved by the theatre and film industry, is preparing for her comeback role as Lady Macbeth after her career is derailed by a catastrophic accident. Whilst steadying herself in anticipation of this important performance, she hears a knock at her dressing room door. The person who enters the room will change everything.

    'The Understudy' revolves around the Cain and Abel-like dynamic between between an ageing actress and her understudy, who eerily reminds her of her past traumas and who she used to be. Throughout the play, the audience bears witness to the couple's tensions, arguments, and quiet moments of solidarity. Based on the film 'All About Eve', the Book of Genesis, as well as the writer's own warped imagination, the play sets out to challenge anyone who watches it, and leave them feeling haunted even after they leave the theatre.

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