Issue I - Short Film, Canvas x Fitz Theatre

    20:00, Sun 1st August 2021 at Online
    Summer Vacation

    Fitz Theatre and Canvas zine have come together to produce a short film that curates seven contributions to Canvas' inaugural print edition. Hear the writers themselves, or Fitz Theatre members narrate this wonderful selection of poems, short story extracts and essays.

    The short film will be released on Fitz Theatre's YouTube channel and across Canvas' social media platforms.


    'It's 4:27am' - Written and Read by
    'Inheritance' - Read by
    'Oceanic Feeling' - Written and Read by
    'The Mind and Its Illusions' - Written and Read by
    'Leviathan' - Written and Read by
    'Love Letters to the Manager' - Read By
    'The City' - Written and Read by

    Production Team

    Canvas Director, Editor –
    Film Director, Videographer, Editor –