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  • Issue I - Short Film, Canvas x Fitz Theatre - 'Inheritance' - Read by

    20:00, Sun 1st August 2021 at Online

    Fitz Theatre and Canvas zine have come together to produce a short film that curates seven contributions to Canvas' inaugural print edition. Hear the writers themselves, or Fitz Theatre members narrate…

  • HMS Pinafore at the Minack - Assistant Director

    19:00, Mon 20th September 2021 - Tue 21st September 2021 at The Minack Theatre
    15:00, Tue 21st September 2021 - Thu 23rd September 2021 at The Minack Theatre
    19:00, Thu 23rd September 2021 - Fri 24th September 2021 at The Minack Theatre

    All aboard! But all is not ship-shape on the HMS Pinafore...

    Josephine, the captain's daughter, is set to marry the eccentric Sir Joseph Porter, First Lord of the Admiralty, but she is deeply in love…


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