21:30, Mon 18th February 2019 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 5

    Smorgasbord is back for Lent!

    The Fletcher Players present a fresh selection of brand new student writing at the Corpus Playroom. Running on and off since 1997, Smorgasbord provides writers a platform to test their writing on an audience, gives actors and the directors the chance to showcase their talents, and lets audiences engage with Cambridge's talents in a Q&A session.

    Come along for a relaxed, interesting night which will unearth some previously unseen gems.


    Host -
    Alex (First Great W__nkers) -
    H1 (I, Hamlet) -
    H2 (I, Hamlet) -
    Harrison (Brynn-Tan is not your friend) -
    Jonno (Brynn-Tan is not your friend) -
    Layla (Brynn-Tan is not your friend) -
    Té (Brynn-Tan is not your friend) -
    Melony (Brynn-Tan is not your friend) -
    Stell (New Town, Quarterspeed) -
    Luce (New Town, Quarterspeed) -
    Two (New Town, Quarterspeed) -
    Three (New Town, Quarterspeed) -
    One (New Town, Quarterspeed) -

    Production Team

    Assistant Producer -
    Technician -
    Selection Panellist -
    Writer (New Town, Quarterspeed) -
    Writer (I, Hamlet) -
    Writer (First Great W__nkers) -
    Writer (Brynn-Tan Quinn is not your friend) - , , , , ,