The Ghoul of the Music Hall

    19:00, Wed 23rd June 2021 at Online
    Easter May Week

    Yes, you’ve guessed it, think “Phantom of the Opera” but excellenter and sillier and Steampunk. Eight is a singing automaton who wants nothing more than to be human and to win her creator Everett’s heart. When the first part of that wish is granted to her, she finds herself part of a double act at the local Music Hall, long haunted by a mysterious Ghoul (who may or may not in fact be a Vampire), and discovers that love and life are a whole lot more complicated than stories would have her think.

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    Do you want to be part of an exciting new comedy musical with so many musical references we're considering making a bingo card out of it? Of course you do. The Ghoul of the Music Hall is like “Phantom of the Opera” but excellenter and sillier and Steampunk, with love, friendship, and ghouls (or vampires, it's debatable). And we need composers  for it to actually be a musical!!

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      Eight -
      Hall Ghoul -
      Everett Radford, Shronk -
      Colette Thompson -
      Percy Thompson -
      Aubert -
      Fabian, Butler -
      Ms Weatherby -
      Madame Cheuvront -
      Parmesan Feta (Jharn) -
      Sherry Bourbon -
      Mr Williams, Auctioneer -
      Mrs Williams -
      Mrs Hartley, Automaton 2 -
      The other Mrs Hartley -
      Otis, Patron 1, Ass -
      Candlestick Maker, Emmie, Princess Corona, Assistant -
      Charlie, Brother 2, Driver -
      Mr Radford -
      Patron 2, Brother 1 -
      Circus Worker, Kingsley -
      Brie, Automaton 1 -


      Production Team

      Writer -
      Director -
      Producer -
      Assistant Director -
      Musical Director -
      Graphic Designer -