Crouch Touch Pause Engage
    By Robin Soans

    19:00, Tue 22nd October 2019 - Sat 26th October 2019 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 2

    On the eve of one of the most important games of his career, Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas received a warning: The Sun newspaper was going to “out” him as gay.

    This is the story of two Welsh names bruised, but not beaten, by media speculation; Gareth “Alfie” Thomas, 100 caps for Wales, once its captain, now the world’s most prominent gay sportsman; and his hometown, Bridgend.

    Working with Alfie himself, and young people in Bridgend, two of the UK’s most exciting theatre companies – National Theatre Wales and Out of Joint – teamed up to tell a great Welsh story about sport, politics, secrets, life and learning to be yourself.


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