This Blood’s For You
    By David W. Christner

    19:00, Tue 23rd October 2018 - Sat 27th October 2018 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 3

    Charles James has been sentenced to death for killing a cop. To him, life is a joke and death is a joke. Humour is how Charlie deals with a life gone bad. When the warden of a state penitentiary tries to convince him to donate a kidney to his sick son, humor is how he deals with the many people around him who all of a sudden want something from a dead man walking. All hell breaks lose in this play, including surprise visits from his mother, an unlikely friendship with the penitentiary reverend. In this dark comedy, we deal with the ethical implications involved with capital punishment, organ donation, and the interaction of the two.


    Charlie -
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