Dragtime presents...

    Dragtime Presents: Cirque du Slay!

    23:00, Wed 16th – Sat 19th January 2019 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 0

    For just four nights the circus has come to town, a circus that is quite unlike any other… Cambridge’s premiere student drag troupe invite you to enter a sparkling tent of mystical wonders for their most ambitious and obscure show to date. Drag kings, queens and in-betweens gather under the blinding lights of the circus for a whirling cabaret of dancing, singing, lip-sync, comedy and general oddity. Get ready to shake off the awful start-of-term blues and throw those gender roles out the window, as Dragtime take you for the ride of your life. Welcome to the Cirque du Slay…


    Persephone Porcelynn
    Maria Von Snatch
    Kylie Gender
    Alma Fella
    King Hoberon
    Charlene Collins
    Mary Dragdalene
    Ding Frisby
    Scotia McLabia
    Whip/Nay Nay


    Piano –

    Production Team

    Producer ,
    Set Designer
    Technical Director
    Publicity Designer
    Stage Manager