Cambridge Latin Play 2018: Thyestes
    By Seneca

    19:30, Mon 12th November 2018 - Thu 15th November 2018 at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
    Michaelmas Week 6

    “You do not avenge crimes unless you surpass them.”
    “Scelera non ulcisceris nisi vincis.”

    Thyestes and Atreus are twin brothers, kings of Argos.

    His lands stolen, his wife seduced, cast out from his home, Atreus swears bloody vengeance on his brother. Now once again ruler of his land, he is determined to exact such revenge on Thyestes that the sun will avert its gaze, the stars will fall from the sky and people will talk of the horror forever after.

    Inspired by the well-established Cambridge Greek Play, the very first Cambridge Latin Play will stage one of the most violent and heart-breaking tales from the Classical world. Exploring vengeance and pity, families and kingdoms, passion and desire, it lays bare man’s cruellest and most base instincts, culminating in a grotesque finale of cannibalism.

    No less relevant or brilliant than Greek drama, Latin theatre has been sadly underrepresented – this production will bring to life not only the text but the language too, performed in Latin with English subtitles.


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