Freshers - a Girton Musical
    By Will J-Wood, Hassan Hussain

    21:30, Thu 10th October 2019 at Girton College Old Hall
    Michaelmas Week 0

    It’s dangerous being a fresher. Welcome to Girton, a college populated by fiendish bureaucrats, feisty cats and some rule breaking initiative taking freshers. They become disorientated on arrival when they mistake the bureaucratic, spirit-draining, 5-minute chore that is Matriculation for "The Hunt": an ancient, fiendish set of silly tasks to welcome the freshers. What was supposed to be a simple show up, sign in, shuttle out ceremony becomes a high-stakes clutch of life-defining challenges. They firmly believe that if they don't find the right booze, books and cat-photos they won't enrol in the college or receive a penny of their allowances. By the time the night ends will they finish the tasks in time? Or be left struggling without their student loans, and with their amassed debts from phone game add-ons.


    Senior Tutor
    Bike Rep
    Ents Officer
    Freshers' Pres

    Production Team

    Stage Management – ,
    Costume and Set Designer –