Shakers: Re-stirred
    By John Godber and Jane Thornton

    19:00, Tue 11th – Sat 15th June 2019 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 7

    "We stand and serve, we grin and smile,
    We serve to please, and all the while
    We do, we burn up deep inside
    With all the pain we're meant to hide."

    1. Yorkshire. It's the height of the Thatcherite era and cocktail bars are opening in every town across the country.

    Welcome to Shakers! That trendy bar in the main street where the neon light shines out tempting passers-by. That place where dreams come true. Where time stands still, where everyone wants to be seen, from the checkout girls to the chinless yuppies, from the newlyweds to the local lads.

    Then there's Carol, Adele, Niki and Mel.

    Shakers gives a wickedly funny glimpse of this familiar world as seen through the eyes of these four long-suffering waitresses, offering a fascinating view of the harsh reality that lurks behind the glitzy decor and Piña Coladas.



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