Dead Parents Society
By Finty Hunter

21:30, Tue 5th February 2019 at Pembroke New Cellars
21:30, Thu 7th February 2019 - Sat 9th February 2019 at Pembroke New Cellars
Lent Week 3

“Welcome to the Dead Parents Society. Sign up on the sheet at the side and take a name tag. Sit, and talk, and realise that you are not alone: we are all grieving something”

A new play written by Finty Hunter: Dead Parents Society is a play about how we grieve, how we cope with trauma, and how we find community in the wreckage. Set over several weeks in a group therapy session, four young adults find themselves attempting to deal, in whatever way that means for them, with their loss.

Content Warnings [may contain spoilers]

parent death, grief, brief mention of suicide, mention of rape.


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