Sidney Sussex Arts Festival presents...

    Blood Wedding
    By Federico García Lorca

    15:00, Sat 20th June 2015 at Sidney Sussex College
    Easter May Week

    Blood Wedding encapsulates all that is dramatic: love; lust; murder; revenge. This production will be a true feast for the senses: a lavish, summertime indulgence, with live new music, physical theatre and dance. Back with a bang in 2015, the Sidney Sussex Arts Festival is set to encompass all the eclectic mediums of performance which Cambridge has to offer.


    Mother -
    Bride -
    Bridegroom -
    Leonardo -
    Mother-in-Law/Chorus -
    Neighbour/Moon -
    Maid/Chorus -
    Chorus -
    Father/Death -


    Production Team

    Director -
    Composer -
    Make-up Artist -
    Producer -
    Executive Producer -
    Costume Designer -
    Stage Manager -
    Set Designer -
    Sound Designer -
    Musical Director -
    Cinematographer -
    Photographer -