Rickshaw Theatre Project 2015
    By Phoebe Hill and Rebecca Vaa

    20:00, Mon 3rd August – Fri 25th September 2015 Venue to be confirmed
    Summer Vacation

    The Rickshaw Theatre Project is an entirely student-run project working in India and Nepal that has been running for the past seven years. The project aims to contribute to the imaginative development and individual expression of children through experimentation with different dramatic mediums, such as clowning, mime and puppetry.

    Each year during the summer vacation, students with a strong academic background and a keen interest in the performing arts run theatre workshops with children in India and Nepal. By working alongside established NGOs and charities, the endeavour is not just to impact these children for a short period of time but to complement work which already takes place all year round. The project aims to revisit some of the charities and NGOs with which it has worked in previous years, and as such, strong relationships are formed with these organisations.

    Traditionally, the project runs for a period of six weeks, with the team(s) spending two weeks in three separate cities. In each place, roughly the first week is spent doing highly interactive workshops, with the aim to expand the children’s motor skills, boost their confidence and provide a forum for self-expression. The second week then usually aims towards a final performance encompassing the children’s own ideas, stimulated by a range of dramatic forms explored in the previous week. Last year the children created performances ranging from Snow White to The Odyssey!