A Midsummer Night's Dream
    By William Shakespeare

    15:05, Sun 16th – Mon 31st August 2015 at C Cubed
    Summer Vacation

    A darker side to William Shakespeare’s most popular comedy.

    With the moon rising over Athens, four lovers escape a tyrannical judgement and seek solace in the woods, only to be caught in a macabre fairy plot. Desire and domination are bound together as Oberon bends a defiant Titania to his will. Meanwhile, mortal lives become playthings as a mischievous Puck play cupid. Mischief leads to malevolence and devotion dissolves into obsession in this infamous tale. Shakespeare's comedy is given a darker edge: reality is twisted beyond recognition and dream tips into nightmare.


    Oberon, Theseus, Peter Quince
    Titania, Hippolyta
    Lysander, Peaseblossom, Francis Flute
    Demetrius, Cobweb, Tom Snout
    Hermia, Moth, Snug
    Helena, Mustardseed, Robin Starveling

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