A Midsummer Night's Dream
    By William Shakespeare

    15:05, Sun 16th August 2015 - Mon 31st August 2015 at C Cubed
    Summer Vacation

    A darker side to William Shakespeare’s most popular comedy.

    With the moon rising over Athens, four lovers escape a tyrannical judgement and seek solace in the woods, only to be caught in a macabre fairy plot. Desire and domination are bound together as Oberon bends a defiant Titania to his will. Meanwhile, mortal lives become playthings as a mischievous Puck play cupid. Mischief leads to malevolence and devotion dissolves into obsession in this infamous tale. Shakespeare's comedy is given a darker edge: reality is twisted beyond recognition and dream tips into nightmare.


    Bottom -
    Oberon, Theseus, Peter Quince -
    Titania, Hippolyta -
    Lysander, Peaseblossom, Francis Flute -
    Demetrius, Cobweb, Tom Snout -
    Hermia, Moth, Snug -
    Helena, Mustardseed, Robin Starveling -

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