23, Please: The Sketch Show That Never Was
By Adam Woolf, Enrico Hallworth, and Rufus McAlister

2:30pm, Tue 14th June 2016 - Fri 17th June 2016, at Corpus Playroom
Easter May Week

23 what? 23 pleases? 23 hours in a day? We know that the number 23 is crucial. We don’t know why. This sketch show hasn’t happened, isn’t happening and will not happen. But don’t let that stop you coming to see it.

A brand new sketch show from Footlights and co Enrico Hallworth, Adam Woolf, and Rufus McAlister.

Previous Praise:

"A sample of the quirkiness and brilliance of Cambridge’s late-night comedy scene" - Varsity

"Varied, relatable and, most importantly of all, funny" - The Tab

"Innovative and excellent with a glorious bizarreness" - CTR

★★★★★ Varsity

★★★★★ CTR

★★★★½ The Tab

9/10 TCS

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