By Howard Brenton, David Hare

    19:45, Tue 10th February 2015 - Sat 14th February 2015 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 4

    As the New York Times put it, 'Pravda is an epic comedy - part The Front Page, part Arturo Ui - in which a press baron resembling Rupert Murdoch...does battle with over 30 characters as he conquers Fleet Street journalism and, by implication, liberal England's soul'. As Punch put it Pravda is also 'Savagely bitchy and often wildly funny'.

    Ridiculous and hilarious, but powered by a central figure of reptilian evilness, Pravda is a comedic drama based in the newspaper print rooms of the 1980s. As a business man starts to treat the world of journalism like he does his dodgy business deals, he encounters moral resistance from a few individuals who seek to take him down. As careers rise and fall and revenge plots are created, the characters are lead into the age old conflict between ethical underdogs and corrupt powerhouses.

    "'we' don't publish corrections...a newspaper isn't just a scrap of paper, it's something that people feel they have to trust. And if they can't trust it, why should they read it? A thing is true or it isn't. So by definition, what is printed must be true - otherwise why print it? And if we apologise and correct, how can the readers know what is true and what is not?"


    Lambert Le Roux -
    Andrea May -
    Esther Sylvester -
    Billie Smiley -
    Roger Foley -
    Hamish McClennan -
    Elliot Fruit-Norton -
    Sir Stamford Foley -
    Harry Morrison -
    Moira Paterson -
    Y.O.P. worker -
    Michael Quince MP -
    Ben Silk -
    The Bishop of Putney -
    Cliveden Whicker-Baskett -
    'Whipper' Wellington -
    Waiter -
    Larry Punt -
    Doug Fantom -
    Leander Scroop -
    Princess Jill -
    'Breaker' Bond -
    Hannon Spot -
    Imogen Ape-Warden -
    Bingo Winner -
    Compositor -
    Young Journalist -
    Newsvendor -
    Reporter -
    Anthea the Lovely Assistant -
    Reporter -
    Dennis P.P. Payne -
    Commentator voiceover -
    Cheese Sandwich -

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