The Snow Child
    By Owain Park and Angela Carter

    20:00, Mon 22nd August 2016 - Fri 26th August 2016 at Paradise in Augustines, The Sanctuary
    Summer Vacation

    'Midwinter. Invincible. Immaculate.'

    The Count and the Countess go riding through a field of snow, where they find a young girl - the perfect girl, the girl of the Count's dreams and desires. As the three ride on together and their story turns to tragedy, three narrators watch and wait.

    Owain Park's operatic adaptation of Angela Carter's dark and intense fairy tale is a brilliant and haunting new chamber work from a brilliant young composer - receiving strong reviews for its choral writing, its poeticism, and its evocation of an icy and barren landscape.

    This new opera promises to make and exciting and powerful impact at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


    Countess -
    First Narrator -
    Second Narrator -
    Third Narrator -
    Soprano of The Deserted House -


    Clarinet -
    Trumpet -
    Percussion -
    Violin I -
    Cello -
    Bassoon -
    Percussion -
    Violin II -
    Horn -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Composer -
    Musical Director -
    Producer -
    Lighting Designer -
    Assistant Producer -
    Publicity Designer -
    Photographer -
    Sound Designer -
    Technical Assistance -