King Lear
    By William Shakespeare

    20:00, Thu 27th October 2016 - Sat 29th October 2016 at Peterhouse College Deer Park
    Michaelmas Week 3

    ‘This cold night will turn us all to fools and madmen’

    A mind disintegrates on an empty moor. A country descends into civil war. Power tears apart families and bodies. The world of King Lear, Shakespeare's bleakest and most existential tragedy, is a world stitched together from rags of meaningless cruelty, governed only by the organic strength of the elements. This production – staged outside late at night on bare earth – will use expansive space, open ground and a subconscious fear of the dark to claw your nerves to shreds.

    Shiver through the bitter winter night as Ancient Britain meets the present in this oppressively agoraphobic vision of King Lear.

    ‘Still through the hawthorn blows the cold wind’


    Lear -
    Goneril -
    Regan -
    Cordelia/Fool -
    Albany -
    Cornwall -
    Gloucester -
    Edgar -
    France/Curan/Servant -
    Burgundy/Old Man -
    Gentlewoman -
    Captain/Messenger/Herald -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Assistant Director - ,
    Producer -
    Assistant Producer -
    Cinematographer -
    Fight Choreographer -
    Throne Builder -
    Photographer -