Wenlock & Jones
    By Cassia Price and Yaseen Kader

    18:00, Sun 30th April 2017 - Sun 18th June 2017 at Memebridge
    Easter Week 1 to May Week

    Raleigh College: small, ancient, rich, and right in the centre of Cambridge. But when the bronze statue of its beloved mascot Justinian the sheep-dog goes missing in broad daylight, it’s up to Genie Jones and Henry Wenlock to solve the case.

    Who could have a vendetta against a heroic collegiate canine? Can Henry and Genie’s friendship survive an investigation? And what happened to the bike that was locked to the statue? The answers will lead our student detectives through formals, libraries, societies, and a conspiracy that could go right to the top.

    Wenlock & Jones is a mystery-comedy web series written by Yaseen Kader and Cassia Price, to be filmed in Cambridge in Lent Term 2017.


    Genie Jones -
    Henry Wenlock -
    Ingrid -
    Rita -
    Innogen -
    Benji -
    Connie -
    Frank -
    Fox-Lavender -
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    Olivia -
    Verity -
    Alistair -
    Johnny Burrow -
    Rahul Dev -
    Nicholas Horton -

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