The Unprofessionals
    By Henry Wilkinson

    23:00, Wed 11th February 2015 - Sat 14th February 2015 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 4

    “Oh how exciting! This’ll be something to tell the grandkids!”

    1. Norman and Rita Sterling are an elderly couple enjoying their golden years in Italy, however after meeting a mysterious stranger on a train they are thrown into the hilarious world of crime and espionage.

    Join the Sterlings as they bumble through the shady streets, bustling nightclubs and smoky restaurants of Italy with the mafia hot on their tail.

    This hilarious comedy tips its fedora to the stylish art of film noir and is filled to the brim with femme fatales, deadly assassins and vicious gangsters.

    With stunning visuals, tense action sequences, side-splitting slapstick and a guest appearance from the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, this raucous spoof will have your lungs explode with laughter!


    The Fez -
    Vinnie -
    Femme Fatale -
    The Stranger -
    Ensemble -
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    Rita Sterling -

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