The Good Soul of Szechuan
    By Bertolt Brecht

    21:30, Mon 8th June 2015 - Thu 11th June 2015 at See Map on Facebook Page
    Easter Week 7

    By Bertolt Brecht, the play follows the trials of Shen Te in a struggle to lead a 'good' life amongst the dingy blaring world of disco and visiting Gods. Chaos, disco lights and italo pop all collide in this partially promenade production of Brecht's bewildering comment on the reality of morality. Performed largely in an underground space, thus far unused by theatre.


    Shen Te -
    Mrs Shin -
    Mrs Yang -
    Yang Sun -
    Wang -
    First God/Mr Shufu -
    Second God/Unemployed Man -

    Production Team

    Producer -
    Publicity Designer -
    Drag Consultant -
    Crucifix Carpentry -
    Photographer -