Cambridge University Dance Society presents...


23:00, Wed 27th January 2016 - Sat 30th January 2016 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 2

"‘We’re all Mad Here’, the cat said to Alice as he dangled from a trapeze with that mischievous grin on his face..."

"Alice" is an exciting devised exploration of Lewis Carroll’s influential story told through the magical medium of circus. Be transported through a surreal world and encounter a wheel artist rolling by, late for an important date, two strange twins balance impossibly upon each other, and a dormouse falls from a Chinese pole, fast asleep, into a teacup. A caterpillar emerges cocooned in aerial silks, and a tea party takes an unexpected turn. Prepare to be mesmerised by the acrobatic ability, the linguistic beauty, and the artistic excellency that is "Alice". The story you know and love so well, turned upside down and hung up in the air.

"Alice" promises to be completely absurd, baffling beautiful, and absolutely bonkers, but as Alice so rightly said, ‘All the best people are’.


The Mad Hatter -
The Queen of Hearts -
Cheshire Cat -
Caterpillar -
Dormouse/Flower -
Cheshire Cat -
The Mad Hatter/The Queen of Hearts -
Tweedledum -
Tweedledee -
White Rabbit -
Tweedledum -
Tweedledee -
Dormouse -
March Hare -

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