By Henry St Leger

    19:00, Tue 27th – Sat 31st January 2015 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 2

    'Your eyes are blank. They're like a blank screen, Ian'.

    Ajax, one of the greatest warriors in Grecian legend, cursed by the gods with a frenzied madness. While he believes to be slaughtering his enemies and achieving his goals, he wakes to find only slain cattle and his sanity littered about him. Ajax440 is an innovative retelling of Sophocles’ powerful Greek tragedy for the digital age. The myth is now transposed onto modern day, where virtual violence runs rampant, and a mysterious new video-game has gaming-addict Ian in its thrall...

    A warrior, punished for his arrogance. Or driven mad by his need for escape?

    Reviews have called us 'truly excellent. a tight, original and gripping adaptation.' (TAB)
    'inventive and clever. smooth and confident.' (VARSITY)
    'clever. inimitable. ultimate. superb. all-consuming. sinister and chilling.' (TCS)


    Oracle, Mother
    Athena, Cosplayer 1
    Stephen, Father, Cosplayer 2
    Ian/Ajax, Ragamuffin

    Production Team

    Director, Writer –
    Associate Director –
    Assistant Director
    Costume Designer
    Publicity Designer
    Set Designer
    Master Carpenter
    Assistant Producer
    Sound Wizard, Light Mage –
    Death Choreographer –
    Stage Manager of my heart, Script Advisor –
    Assistant Director