Spring Awakening
    By Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik

    19:45, Tue 2nd February 2016 - Sat 6th February 2016 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Sat 6th February 2016 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 3

    “Thought is suspect, and money is their idol, and nothing is okay unless, it's scripted in their Bible. But I know there's so much more to find just in lookin' through myself, and not at them”.

    Wendla longs to be a grown up, to be taken seriously. Moritz is terrified- of dropping out of school, of his erotic dreams, of disappointing his parents. Melchior, headstrong and cocky, wants to change the status quo.

    In this groundbreaking musical, 19th century Germany envelops these young characters in an oppressive, inherently conservative society, in which adults hold all the cards and make all the rules. There is no room for change, and no courage to change it- until Melchior steps forth, whipping them all into a youth revolution and the chaos of sexual awakening. But even in these bold steps, his ideals shatter against the concrete norms and constraints of the regime of the adults.

    Winning Best Musical and Best Original Score in 2006, this show is one that is not to be missed!


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