CRAVE · Edinburgh Fringe
    By Sarah Kane

    23:00, Mon 14th August 2017 - Sat 19th August 2017 at TheSpace on North Bridge (Argyll Theatre)
    22:00, Mon 21st August 2017 - Sat 26th August 2017 at TheSpace on North Bridge (Argyll Theatre)
    Summer Vacation

    “Why do you drink so much?” / “The fags aren’t killing me fast enough”

    Sat together by chance, four unnamed strangers unearth their darkest moments. In this post-truth world, Kane’s brutal and unadulterated tragedy is defiantly honest. One of Sarah Kane’s final works, CRAVE returns to the festival where it premiered in 1998. Brought to you by a creative team previously described as “visionary” and behind many “must-see” productions in Cambridge (Varsity; TCS), this retelling of Sarah Kane’s masterpiece is unmissable.

    “I’m looking for a time and place free of things that crawl, fly or sting”


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