A Streetcar Named Desire
    By Tennessee Williams

    19:00, Tue 23rd – Sat 27th February 2016 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 6

    "I don't want realism. I want magic."

    Blanche DuBois is a faded Southern Belle, her whole life taken away from her. But she is determined to cling on to the past, come what may. She seeks refuge in the dilapidated home of her sister in New Orleans but here she finds Stanley Kowalski, brash and aggressive, and determined to bring Blanche's fragile existence crashing down around her. As Blanche and Stanley's confrontation comes to a head, Blanche retreats further and further into fantasy and delusion until she can no longer distinguish between reality and illusion.

    Tennessee William's masterpiece is a violent and moving tale of lust and death, the New World and the Old, the brutish and the delicate, dreams and harsh reality.

    This intimate new production brings the audience not just into the cramped tenement in the New Orleans French Quarter but into Blanche DuBois' fragile and haunted mind.


    Blanche DuBois
    Stella Kowalski
    Stanley Kowalski
    Harold Mitchell
    Eunice Hubbel
    Steve Hubbel
    Pablo Gonzales
    Young Collector

    Production Team

    Assistant Director
    Assistant Producer
    Stage Manager
    Technician –
    Publicity Designer
    Set Designer
    Costume Designer
    Sound Designer
    Lighting Designer