The Real Inspector Hound
By Tom Stoppard

23:00, Wed 28th October 2015 - Sat 31st October 2015 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 3

"Yes, getting away with murder must be quite easy provided that one’s motive is sufficiently inscrutable."

A mysterious gentleman, Simon Gascoyne, has just entered Muldoon Manor trying to win the heart of the ravishing young Cynthia Muldoon...

A shot is heard. Simon lies dead! Who could have murdered him?

Cut off from the world, the fear and suspense rise! Their only hope lies with the enigmatic Inspector Hound, an illustrious detective on the hunt for a killer.

Who will the murderer target next?

Will the Inspector get to get to Muldoon Manor in time?

And most importantly, who is the REAL Inspector Hound?

Stoppard's one-act play is a wickedly funny tale of love, jealousy, murder, and melodrama; complete with a live band and original score.


Cynthia -
Dead body -
Felicity -
Mrs Drudge -
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Magnus -
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Double Bass -
Piano -

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