God of Carnage
    By Yasmina Reza

    21:30, Tue 10th – Sat 14th May 2016 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 2

    “‘You see…I believe in the god of carnage. He has ruled, uninterruptedly, since the dawn of time.”

    Winner of the Tony Award for Best Play and adapted for the big scren by Roman Polanski, The God of Carnage is one the recent masterpieces of contemporary theatre.

    Everything starts off from a simple scuffle, when the eleven-year old Benjamin knocks out two of his friend’s Henry, teeth with a stick. Their parents meet to discuss how best to straighten out the children’s unruly behaviour. What starts off as a civilized, well-intentioned evening slowly degenerates into childish bickering and the “worst day of their life”.Will anyone get out of this ill-fated encounter with their dignity and their liberal principles, not to mention the apartment, intact?

    Watch the God of carnage take over in this bold and relentlessly entertaining new production.


    Veronica Novak
    Michael Novak
    Annette Raleigh
    Alan Raleigh

    Production Team

    Musical Director
    Casting Director –
    Assistant Producer
    Set Designer, Costume Designer, Stage Manager – ,
    Assistant Director ,
    Photography –
    Design –
    Trailer filming and production –
    Photography –
    Lighting operation –
    Lighting design –