HAMLET: Edinburgh Fringe
    By William Shakespeare

    11:30, Mon 22nd August 2016 - Sat 27th August 2016 at TheSpace @ Niddry Street (Lower)
    Summer Vacation

    Madness? Love.
    A forgotten Heroine / tragedy / suicide: oppression
    mining all within, infects unseen.
    that’s for remembrance. pray.
    & Ophelia

    Cambridge University presents Shakespeare’s most popular tragedy in 80 minutes.
    No diversion, no distraction.
    Witness the events unfurl before your eyes.
    Stripped to its roots, experience the truth of Shakespeare’s play.

    Play me the murder.


    Hamlet -
    Ophelia -
    Laertes -
    Claudius -
    Horatio -
    Old Hamlet/Gravedigger/Bernardo/Death -
    Polonia -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Publicity Designer -
    Photographer -
    Fight Choreographer -
    Stage Manager/Assistant Producer/Queen of Blood and Decaying Flowers -
    DSM/Technical designer -
    Lighting Designer -
    Producer/Queen of Flyers -