Midnight Café
By Jamie Rycroft

18:00, Mon 17th August 2015 - Sat 22nd August 2015 at Paradise in the Vault
18:00, Mon 24th August 2015 - Sun 30th August 2015 at Paradise in the Vault
Summer Vacation

Come and explore the streets of Milton Keynes. Walk with the homeless, shout with the angry, cry with the confused and laugh with the posh people with s**t on their shoe. Their dramas converge to seek solace in the only place with the lights on (from 12am-3am). Inside lies a waitress who cares about everyone’s story except one woman’s… who feels left out, and has a gun. Welcome to the tragic madness that is the ‘Midnight Cafe’.


Waitress -
Sari / Shirley -
Saiorse / Frizzy-Haired Woman -
George -

Production Team

Writer -
Producer -
Publicity Designer -
Technical Director -
Stage Manager -
Original Frizzy-Haired Woman -
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